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barrygoldwaterThe following list of books discuss the history of liberalism and conservatism in the 1960s. Liberalism was a force in the decade’s policies, including President Kennedy’s New Frontier, but predominately because of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society social program, aimed at fighting a war against poverty in the United States.

The unpopular war in Vietnam and the floundering and financially consuming Great Society help turn liberalism down a downward spiral as well as the Democratic Party’s influence in the country.

Conservatism began its momentum with the nomination of Barry Goldwater as the Republican Presidential candidate in 1964. Although he lost the election the momentum and force conservatism had in the Republican Party continued to grow, with new stars emerging as a result including former actor, California Governor and then President, Ronald Reagan. Since this was a major political force beginnning to build up in the 1960s a list of books relating to this topic are included.

Bibliography: Liberalism

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Bibliography: Conservatism

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