Vietnam War



vietnamwarsoldierThe Vietnam War was the longest war as well as the least popular, lacking general public support. Direct American involvement began in 1955 with the arrival of the first military advisors. The first combat troops arrived in 1965 after the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, will thousands more arriving constantly.

The Americans fought the war until the cease-fire in January 1973. The war divided Americans; there were those who supported the government and those who vehemently opposed the war. This opposition led to violence, riots and protests in the form of the Antiwar movement.

The United States knew that it would be impossible to win the war, however the government refused to admit the US had failed. It would be embarrassing for the American Superpower to lose since it had won every war it had previously fought. The government also did not give up this failing effort because of the Cold War, it was deemed a struggle against Communism. The US did not want to lose South Vietnam as they believed they had lost China in 1949.

Therefore all the Presidents from Eisenhower on, but mostly Johnson and then Nixon kept sending troops to Vietnam against the country’s desire or agreement. Until Nixon finally withdrew American troops in 1973 the last one leaving in 1975.

The casualties were devastating; Fifty-eight thousand Americans lost their lives. Millions of Vietnamese perished. The financial cost to the United States was just as deep. The war cost $150 billion dollars, and Johnson believed it prevented the Great Society from reaching its potential.

The following list of books represent different veiw points on the Vietnam War. Some books will serve as overviews of the war and American involvement. Some focus on the Presidents and their policies that led Americans into the War. There are are also memoirs by Robert McNamara and Daniel Ellesberg about their experience with Vietnam. Ellsberg with the Pentagon Papers and McNamara as being the Secretary of State during the Kennedy and Johnson Presidencies. The books by Wells and Small offers an opposition to America’s involvement in the war.

Bibilography: Vietnam War

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